Practice Expectations

1. Practice begins at 3pm sharp! Shoes, braces, knee pads on early. ON TIME IS LATE!

2. Late policy- Let a coach know if you’re going to be late to practice before school gets

out. Bring a note from your teacher with the time left and a signature. Late players will

be expected to condition after practice. Habitual lateness will affect play time.

3. Unexcused absences will cause loss in playing time. If a full practice is missed, a whole match will be missed. Ex: Work, sleeping in, etc. All situations are under coaches discretion. 

4. Any more than 2 excused absences will result in missed playing time. Ex. Doctor’s note, family emergency, wedding, funeral, etc. All situations are under coaches discretion. 

5. Any player needing to see the trainer will go before practice starts. Be on time!

6. Our warm-up is required before every practice/game, even when you’re late!

7. All bags will be left in the locker room so nothing will be in the gym. We will give you locks for lockers. 

8. Cell phones will not be visible in the gym during practice or games.

9. When a ball gets lost in pepper, both partners chase the ball together and give high 5’s.

9. We expect you to hurry, hustle, jog, and run everywhere during practice sessions.

Conditioning will be added for a lack of focus.

10. Team support through clapping, high 5’s, and cheers are expected on every touch.

11. Water breaks are important but are meant to be brief and are only with permission.

12. You will need permission to leave the gym during practice sessions.

13. This experience is about being a team- It will never be about you!

14. Make sure to have your ride home from practice arranged before 5pm.

General Expectations

1. Priorities during the season are - SCHOOL, VOLLEYBALL, SOCIAL LIFE.

2. We are all about respecting ourselves, teammates, our program, all coaches, our school, and our community. 

3. Get to class, school, and volleyball activities on time, it reflects your attitude.

4. If you receive ASD (After School Detention), you will not be eligible to participate in

practice that day. To participate in competition again, you will need to make up for the missed practice. 

5. After practice, go home, eat a healthy meal, hydrate, rest, get your studying

accomplished, and reward yourself.

7. Attending all team bonding activities are mandatory (see calendar). 

8. All varsity and freshman players are expected to line judge at the JV invitational on

Saturday, Sept. 17.

9. Eligibility is checked every Tuesday. A student who is not passing 5 subjects the first

week is on probation. If they’re still not passing 5 classes the second week, they will be

ineligible to participate in activities. The student is expected to be in practice that week

but will not be allowed to play in any games or travel with the team until they are

eligible. When the student becomes eligible, then the two-week period starts over.

10. A 10:30pm curfew or bedtime is fair, necessary, and expected.

11. Your coach needs to know if you’re injured.

12. Electronic communication (text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…) should be positive and should never negatively reflect the team, teammates or coaching staff. If it is not positive don’t post it.

13. Disciplinary/behavioral situations will be handled on an individual basis & based on the rules already in place by the school.

14. Following tryouts, there will be a 24 hour no contact for the coaching staff & administration. 

15. Playing time will not be equal. We strive to win each game, therefore putting the best players on the court as determined by the coaching staff.

16. Playing time should not be taken for granted. It is lost and earned on the practice court. We will be going over extremely important things in practice; therefore it is extremely important to be there. Practice evaluation and scrimmages will determine position and playing time. We will be as competitive as possible and we will play the people that give us the best opportunity to be successful. 

17. If a question arises regarding playing time, the following steps should be taken:

  • Players must first meet with coaches to discuss the situation.

  • If an understanding cannot be reached, coaches will meet with the player, parent(s), and administration.

  • Playing time will NOT be discussed without FIRST meeting with respective player

  • Playing time will NOT be discussed over the telephone

  • Playing time will NOT be discussed for 24 hours following a contest

  • There will be NO exceptions

18. To become a Varsity letter winner one must play in 51% of the Varsity matches. If less, a provisional letter is earned.

Travel & Game Day Expectations

1. You will be expected to wear dress clothes to school when we have a home match.

2. Triple check your bag for your jersey, shorts, shoes, socks, knee pads, and water bottle.

3. Resealable water bottles are required for game days. 

4. Celebrations are encouraged after wins! But, we expect focused, mature, and

respectful behavior while traveling on the road. 

5. To maintain team unity, we expect you to ride with the team to and from matches on

the road. If there’s extenuating circumstances, you must have arranged permission

from Mr. Maring and Coach Brooke in advance to ride home with your parents.

6. Our team will always sit together in the bleachers and support each other and not

isolate themselves with friends/family. Cell phones will be out of sight during play of

Mustang games. 

7. Always arrive 10 minutes early on Saturday tournament days when we go out of town.

8. You are responsible to clean the bus floor around your seat before arriving home. There will be consequences if the bus is left messy.

9. Players will call their parents 20 miles from Salina so their ride will be there upon arrival.

10. Players are responsible to carefully launder their uniforms at home.

11. Always help the managers carry the team’s equipment.

12. Be thankful! BUS DRIVERS, MANAGERS, and COACHES appreciate positive comments!

13. Follow our Twitter account @scmustangvb, and our Facebook page, Salina Central Volleyball. Announcements will be made on those accounts.