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Hall of Fame

Selection Process: All former Central student-athletes, coaches, administrators, or individuals directly associated with Central High School athletics are eligible for selection to the “Athletic Hall of Fame.”  A candidate will be selected when five of the seven selection committee members vote for induction.  Only one individual will be selected for induction each year.  There does not need to be a selection every year.  Nominations can be done postmortem.  Selection criteria is listed below:

Eligibility for Student-Athletes (may be 1 person per year)

  • Superior accomplishments as a student at Salina High/Central
  • All State, All-American, etc.
  • Graduation from Salina High/Central High School at least eight years prior to their nomination.
  • Continuing excellence at the collegiate, national, amateur, or professional levels.
  • Clearly exemplified characteristics of integrity and sportsmanship, as well as citizenship before and after graduation.
  • Academic and post college accomplishments.

Eligibility for Teams (1 Team may be selected per year or less)

  • Outstanding achievement at all levels of competition
  • A State Championship alone does warrant/guarantee Hall of Fame status
  • Teams are eligible 8 years after completion of season.

Eligibility for Coaches/Administrators/Other Individuals (1 Person per year or less)

  • Retirement from the position they once held at school.
  • Significant contributions made to the overall athletic program including longevity, overall record, and championships.
  • Significant contributions to the community’s experience at Central events.
  • Coaches must no longer be active at Salina Central
  • Significant contributions to the environment and overall experiences of Salina High/Central High School student-athletes.
  • 5 years after leaving Salina Central

Nomination Process: A nomination form can be obtained from the Athletic Department at Salina Central High School or from the forms available on the Salina Central High School Athletic website.  Candidates may be nominated at any time during the calendar school year, but the entire form must be completely filled out and turned into the Athletic Office prior to April 12.